Susila Dharma France Entraide is a voting member of the international association  of Susila Dharma national organizations and projects called SDIA, a USA registered non-profit charitable organization. See

SDIA is an Affiliate-organization of the World Subud Association or WSA, an organization dedicated to the spiritual development of mankind. See

In 1989, SDIA was granted special consultative status with the United National Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Since 2000, SDIA has been affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), NGO Section, and regularly participates to conferences and events organised by the UN.

The mandate of SDIA is to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of its members, local organizations, development professionals and volunteers;
  • Facilitate shared learning between members and interested individuals;
  • Identify and coordinate human, technical and financial resources to assist members and community initiatives;
  • Encourage respect for human rights, achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals and international advocacy for development and social justice through its consultative status with the United Nations and other international organizations.