English Summer School at Budesti, Moldova

Because of the great poverty, parents are often compelled to emigrate to find work, and have to leave their childrenhome. Knowing English is a matter of survival.

A first summer camp was held in 2011 to give – among other matters – English courses to destitute children, and also to help local teachersimproving their teaching methods. Seing its success, a second camp took place in 2012.  
  • The summer school is a flagship project: it does attract the Budesti children (4 000 inhabitants) who are growing up in difficult conditions. The majority of adults inBudesti need to earn their living elsewhere, and are therefore unable to bring up their children by themselves. In the best cases, grand-parents are taking care of them; some are brought up by a relative, or even by older brothers and sisters. So, it easy to understand how important a good knowledge of English language is for them.  
  • The summer school gives children an opportunity to discover a different way of life: they eat three freshly prepared meals a day, and wash their hands before eating. During classes, basics of English language are learned, and children discover the joy of learning. And, suddenly, they want to set up objectives! So, a two-week summer school has a lasting effect on the youngest. More than half of the 2011 first school participants also participated in 2012. Moreover, two local teachers of English did participate, which enabled them to improve their English and their teaching methods.
  • This positive evolution was noticed by the local authorities. The Mayor of Budesti keeps all doors open to Anna Hiora, who created the summer school, and has been involved for years in the development of Budesti. The town-hall makes premises available to the summer school for free and allows them to use its modest sports and leisure facilities.
  • The Deputy-Mayor recommended that, in the future, Anna develop more projects for young people in Budesti. The lack of vocational trainings available is leading the young men, especially, to alcohol and criminality. Strengthening the region, inspire people about their country and creating jobs: these are objectives that can be reached by devoted people such as Anna, the Budesti Mayors and their Susila Dharma partners.      
Anna Hiora
2011 - 2012