Organic Farming at the Children's village

Organic farming project led by Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) in different communities as a way of improving and balancing family nutrition.

YUM Foundation oversees a set of projects and programs in Indonesia. It works in the fields of education, community development (especially education and women's rights), the fight against malaria, organic farming and the supply of drinking water.
  • School sponsorships provide families with financial support to cover the cost of a child’s schoolbooks, equipment, uniform and fees at a local school.
  • A Children's Village sponsorship covers the cost of a child’s living expenses at the YUM Children’s Village and their education at local government schools.
  • A project of a Vocational Training Center is looking for financing; it is a vital complement to the sponsorship programme.
  • Provision of drinking water.
  • Organic farming.
YUM: Vocational Training Centre
  • The YUM designed a vocational training centre, facing the challenge of basic subsistence and lack of employment in the Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan, where half the 13,000 inhabitants are surviving with less than 1 dollar a day. 
  • Local Dayak population –most of the Bukit Batu population and the beneficiaries targeted by YUM– urgently need this Center. Their ancestors always lived in the jungle and, owing to their lack of education and qualifications, they have not yet been able to fully adapt to regular work.
  • 60% of 18-24 year-old are jobless, a situation leading to delinquency and toxicomania. Adaptation to modern life does not go easily for them.
What difference will YUM bring to the poor people in Central Kalimantan?
  • YUM started to design the training centre with a special emphasis on education to entrepreneurship. 
  • The Centre will teach skills such as: plumbing, maintenance and repair of mobile phones, refrigeration and air conditioning, also sewing, craft, computer science, English, etc., skills that lead to the development of small enterprises and self-employment.
  • There is no other organization in this region where villagers can acquire skills and a training in entrepreneurship that will lead to improving their economical situation. YUM’s approach will provide both necessary skills and training in small enterprise management, assist participants in obtaining loans (microfinance) to start their own enterprises; moreover, a mentorship programme will be developed for small enterprises.
Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)
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