Puppets to Help Children of Streets in Kinshasa 

Puppeteers Without Borders. An international organization promoting growth, change and conflict-resolution through puppetry.
Kinshasa is one of the most dangerous cities in Africa. Street children, often orphaned, are subject to abuse by the police and the army. Around 20,000 children living in the streets of Kinshasa; one fourth are begging, others are street vendors and about a third have employment; many are accused of witchcraft.  
How does this project help solve this problem?  
The work of Puppeteers Without Borders is to provide educators, local artists and puppeteers with tools to address specific problems of the society in Kinshasa, training them to build strong and exciting performances that can encourage a new understanding and behaviour change.
Our puppeteers will form the local social workers to use puppets as a therapeutic tool to help children overcome trauma of being rejected for being accused of witchcraft.  
SFDE - Puppeteers Without Borders
DR of Congo
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