School complex Susila Dharma of Lemba-Imbu

The school of Lemba-Imbu was created in 1995 by Santu Ntendi Paul-Gaston and his wife, Charlotte Ndona, who is the director of the school.
The school of Lemba-Imbu, Democratic Republic of Congo
The school is located on the outskirts of Kinshasa in a district and enclave, and has been supported by many Susila Dharma National organizations.

The school has some 450 students and hopes to expand to allow more children to attend. The project was supported by OXFAM that supplied drinking water fountains, and has formed a partnership with World Vision, which has given new desks and schoolbooks, and covers the basic school fees for 150 of the poorest children.  
Santu Ntendi Paul-Gaston and his wife Charlotte Ndona - OXFAM - World Vision
Democratic Republic of Congo
1995 -