Susila Dharma School Complex of Inkisi 

The Susila Dharma School Complex of Inkisi was created in 1991 by the late Joseph-Toussaint Ngamba and Innocent Mbala Nossa, as a NGO to help the local community.  
The aim of the school complex is training idle children, teaching women and street girls to read and write, vocational education (cutting and sewing).   
The school delivers primary and secondary education to about 200 children.

They also work at increasing sensitization to STDs and VIH/Aids, and at promoting the rights of children and mothers in the community.

One way of supporting the school was to help them to build latrines, which considerably improved sanitation.  
Joseph-Toussaint Ngamba - Innocent Mbala Nossa - SDIA - SFDE - 
DR of Congo
1991 -