Yoghurts and fresh fruit to children in the HJRA Hospital of Antananarivo

Jackie Hubert, a French nurse, has been spending every January in Madagascar since 2009. There, she tries to support families who have children with cancer at the HJRA hospital in Tananarive, the capital of Madagascar.
"The micro-project I set up is very humble. As a nurse giving moral support to Malagasy families, I noticed that children treated for cancer are given massive doses of cobalt, but their small underfed bodies cannot fight. The fact is that children are fed by their families, often very poor, and eat only rice, two or three times a day, therefore the observed deficiencies.

I used to come every day with a basket full of delicious zebu milk yoghurts and fresh fruits (purchasing that participates to local economy). Children were welcoming me with big smiles, happy to see that a "vahaza" took an interest to them. Some had never eaten any yoghurt before, and were sharing it with their mom.

Little by little, from 12 yoghurts a day, we went to 20, then 40, because all the children in the others services (traumatology, neurosurgery, etc.) were begging for them.

Yoghurts and fruits are distributed all year long thanks to Mrs Lala, a young and very welcoming organiser hired by Sister Anne-Claire who did much for the hospital with the "Anyma"association. The yearly needs of this well-working project amount to €1,200. The whole sum goes straight to the children; I give the money to Sister Anne-Claire who manages it and sends me regular reports.

I hold this project very dear to me ... it is a tiny drop in an ocean of misery,but I care for it and believe in it, and children give me back a hundred times what I am giving them. I am well aware that one does not make miracles with yoghurts and fresh fruits, but this is giving the children courage, hope and a smile".
Susila Dharma FE Support
Susila Dharma France Entraide gave €500 in December 2012 and also in December 2013 to support Jackie's efforts, which amount will cover one third of the budget for distributing "Yoghurts and Fruits" for 2014. Visit the website of the NGO (non-governmental organisation) Anyma to discover her work. [http://anyma-mada.fr/]
Jackie has another project that is to meet the "matrons" of poor districts who help the women who cannot afford to go and give birth in a hospital. To do this, she will need to buy clean cloth, blankets, bed sheets and baby clothes, and possibly medical instruments. So, a financial support would be welcome.  
Jackie Hubert
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