The strength of collaboration

Thanks to the deployment of the collaborative network formed by Susila Dharma members in different countries, we have been able to contribute - with the support of many local partners - to the development of projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
Projects developed in partnership with local organizations, with the aim of improving living conditions in various aspects, in different parts of the world.

World Congress in Puebla, Mexico

The Susila Dharma Teams of all around the world had an opportunity to meet in several workshops during World Congress. Many items were discussed, such as: how we wish to share our experiences in Susila Dharma and with the rest of the community? How we can create community gardens with and for children and young […]

What is Susila Dharma France Entraide?

Susila Dharma France Entraide (SD France Entraide or SDFE) is a charitable non-profit organization, run by volunteers since its creation in 1985. SD France assists locally initiated development projects on four continents and helps its members to carry out their humanitarian initiatives. In recent years, we have helped provide access to education and health in the Democratic […]

The Mission of Susila Dharma France Entraide

The mission of SD France is to relieve human suffering and promote a just and sustainable development through: Partnerships and support for grassroots, participatory development and humanitarian initiatives; Empowering individuals and communities to engage in positive human, social and economic change; Raising awareness of global issues and inter-dependence.

The Meaning of Susila and Dharma

The name “Susila Dharma” combines two Sanskrit words, which together mean guided from within to take action in the world. The work of Susila Dharma is coming out of the awareness of a common humanity that transcends differences. The aim of Susila Dharma is to help people to live and work in harmony in their quest for […]

Susila Dharma France Entraide

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