The Meaning of Susila and Dharma

The name “Susila Dharma” combines two Sanskrit words, which together mean guided from within to take action in the world.

The work of Susila Dharma is coming out of the awareness of a common humanity that transcends differences. The aim of Susila Dharma is to help people to live and work in harmony in their quest for a just society and a sustainable development. Susila Dharma is first of all interested in persons and relationships, and believes that people have got the capacity to achieve their potential – social, economical and spiritual.

Why Entraide?

We do like this word, Entraide, that means ‘mutual aid or support’ that insists well on the fact that our work has a reciprocal or mutual feature.

We are not going to the others’ places to do OUR own projects but, in the contrary, we are helping them to carry bout their projects that are going to improve their own lives and those of their communities.